New Feature: Apply Discount Coupon Using A Link

Features. Features. Features.

Yep, we got another one of those for you today! If you take a look at the archives on this blog (on the right sidebar), you can see that we’ve been pumping out new features after new features every month :)

Anyway here’s today’s new feature…

You now can APPLY discount coupons by using a LINK.

Previously with our coupon feature, people would need to manually enter the coupon code to get the discount.

Even though we’ve made the coupon button very obvious on the checkout page, there will always be some people who’ll miss it. This creates additional support work as they then contact support in order to get their discount.

Instead of asking people to manually enter their coupon code, with this new feature you as the product seller can automatically apply their coupon using a link.

Here’s How You Do It

Simply attach the following text AT THE END of the ORDER URL:

where coupon-code is the actual coupon code

E.g. You have this coupon code:

Scenario 1
Suppose your ORDER URL is:

Then the coupon link would be:

Scenario 2
Suppose your ORDER URL is:

Then the coupon link would be:

By the way, you need to be in “Advanced View” inside your Zaxaa dashboard to be able to see the Coupons menu (inside your Zaxaa dashboard >> products >> coupons)

Happy Coupon-ing!

Here’s to a surge of sales when you run time-sensitive discount coupons for your customers, and you make it SUPER EASY for them to enjoy the discount!

What say you? Do leave us your thoughts below…



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