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New Feature: Invite Your Team To Manage Your Zaxaa Account

We’ve listened to your feedback again!

This time we’ve released another new feature to bring more power to your Zaxaa account. It’s the ability to invite your team members to manage your business via your Zaxaa account.

Whether it’s allowing your virtual assistant or outsourcer to set-up funnels and email campaigns for you… or giving your accountant to view and download your sales reports… or having your customer service specialist do refunds or cancel subscriptions… it’s all very easy to invite them access to your Zaxaa account… each with their own specific roles and permissions.

Now you can grow your business by hiring team members to help take your business to the next level. You’ll have less clutter and more time to focus on higher value activities. Leave the daily mundane tasks to your team members.

How To Invite Team Members

Go to the Manage My Teams page(Settings >> Teams):


Simply enter the email of your team member >> select the role >> and click “Send Invite”. Your team member will receive an email invite and he simply needs to click the link inside the email to access your Zaxaa account in accordance with the permissions you grant him to.

We hope you enjoy this new addition to Zaxaa.

Note: This feature is only available to Premium and Ultimate users.

Let me know your thoughts in a comment below. I read each and every comment. Have an awesome day!