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New Feature: Tag Affiliates To Discount Coupons

Hooray! Another new feature has been released.

You now have the ability to tag affiliates to discount coupons.

This basically means whenever the coupon is used in a transaction, the tagged affiliate will always be credited for the sale, regardless of whether the customer clicked another affiliate’s affiliate link or if a naked link (i.e. no affiliate link) was clicked.

This is useful when you’re running an exclusive discount offer with a high-caliber affiliate, and other affiliates know about it and try to take advantage of the situation by promoting the discount offer to his own list using his own affiliate link, and then telling his list to use the coupon code that was intended for the high-caliber affiliate.

If you enable this “tag affiliate” feature, the high-caliber affiliate will still get credited instead of the cheating affiliate.

Here’s How To Tag A Specific Affiliate To A Discount Coupon

Inside your Zaxaa account, make sure you’re in Advanced View. Go to Coupons page (products >> coupons). Create a new coupon >> scroll down to near the bottom and you’ll see this:

tag affiliate coupon

Now that’s another way to motivate affiliates to promote for you. Even if they send visitors to your sales page using your naked sales URL, they’ll still credited for sales when the visitors enter their discount coupon code on the checkout page.

Here’s another tip to motive these affiliates even more! Create a CUSTOM coupon code for them by their name (for example) or something that uniquely identifies them. People like when their name is mentioned, especially in the coupon code. It makes them look good in the eyes of their customers and subscribers.


Here’s to more sales and profits!

What say you? Please let us know what you think below. THANK YOU!

38 Questions Smart Marketers Ask Themselves to 10x Their Profits

Exciting! Exciting! Exciting!

We’ve just released a new report titled:

“38 Questions Smart Marketers Ask Themselves To 10x Their Profits”


We’re confident after reading this report, you’ll receive actionable “profit-increasing” tips that you can implement to your business right away!

What are you waiting for? You can download the report from within your Zaxaa account here.