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New Feature: Average Retention Rate

This Premium feature has also been around for some time inside Zaxaa, but not many are aware of it…

If you sell a subscription/recurring product or service, do you know your Average Retention Rate?

Average Retention Rate simply means on average, how long a customer stays with you. Knowing this number will allow you to know how much you can spend on acquiring a customer without going negative.

For example, let’s say you sell Fitness Membership Site where you charge members a monthly fee. By joining your membership site, they get access to your step-by-step tutorials, strategies, tips and tricks, and a members-only forum.

Some members stay for more than a year. Some more than 2 years. Others stay for 6 months. Yet there are others who leave even before 1 month.

So what is the Average Retention Rate?

You can calculate it manually by hand, but that would be a hassle and time-consuming.

With our Average Retention Rate feature, you can INSTANTLY know your number, like this:


Once you know your Average Retention Rate, e.g. 5.3 months, you can then calculate how much a member is worth to you. Say they’re paying $50 a month, in this case each member is worth $265.

You then know not to spend more than $265 to acquire a new member. If you spend $100 to get a new member, your profits is $165 per member, etc.

To know your Average Retention Rate, simply go Product Stats page (reports >> my product stats) and you’ll know your Average Retention Rate INSTANTLY!

This feature is only for Premium Automation users only. If you’re not yet a Premium Automation user, simply upgrade your account and you’ll be able to enjoy this feature plus other cool features plus save thousands of dollars in Zaxaa fees.


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New Feature: Lifetime Customer Value

This awesome feature has been around for some time in the platform…

But we realized many of you don’t know about it, which is why in this post I’d like to clarify a little.

Drum roll please…

Lifetime Customer Value (LCV)

Lifetime Customer Value (LCV) is one of the most important metrics in ANY business. It simply means how much a customer is worth to you. Put it another way, it means the total amount of money a customer has spent on your products.

With our LCV feature, you can see the LCV over any given period of time — 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 1 year, lifetime, etc. The longer the time period, typically the higher the LCV. Knowing this LCV allows you to know how much you can spend on acquiring NEW customers.

E.g. If your LCV is $100 and you spend $50 to acquire a new customer, your profits per customer is $50.

That’s spending $50 to get $100. How many times would you do that? You can buy unlimited traffic!

Knowing your LCV already puts you ahead of 90% of business owners who don’t have a clue what their LCV is. Now, here at Zaxaa we want to put you ahead of 99% of them instead!

You can even know the LCV for a specific traffic source (Sub-ID) or affiliate.


Say traffic from facebook — LCV is $100

Traffic from adwords — LCV is $127

Traffic from affiliate John Doe — LCV is $178


After all, different traffic sources and different affiliates generate different qualities of traffic. Knowing which traffic source converts best will allow you to focus and expand on that source and abandon those that are not converting. Likewise, knowing which affiliates are sending the highest quality traffic will allow you to reward them and ban those that are sending junk traffic.

Simply do a search by “Sub-ID” or “Affiliate Name” >> and then choosing the “Transaction Date” period >> and you’ll get your desired LCV.

How To Access Lifetime Customer Value

Lifetime Customer Value feature is available for Premium Automation users only.

Login to your Zaxa account >> Reports >> Customer >> Lifetime Customer Value:


Here’s to knowing and then increasing your LCV! After all, you can’t increase something you don’t even know :)

…and if you don’t know what your LCV is, you don’t have a business. You have a hobby.

If you’re not yet a Premium Automation user, simply upgrade your account here to know your LCV.

What say you?

Various Reporting Improvements

Just want to give a quick update about some of the new Reporting improvements we’ve made to the platform.

First is the “My Affiliate Stats” page:


This page is very useful when you want to have a “helicopter view” on your affiliates’ performance. How they’re doing in terms of sales, conversions, EPCs, unique visitors they send — for ANY given period of time.

This also allows you to pinpoint which affiliates are sending you the most sales and high quality visitors and which ones are sending junk traffic. You can then take the appropriate action and reward the good ones and ban the bad ones.

To access “My Affiliate Stats” page:

(inside your Zaxaa account >> make sure you’re in Advanced View >> reports >> affiliate/partner >> my affiliate stats)

Next, we’ve moved your Product Stats to a dedicated page:


where you can see your Products Stats for ANY given period of time.

And we’ve also included a new metric — “# First Payments“, which means…

If the sale is for a subscription/recurring product, only the FIRST payment is shown here.

E.g. There are 10 sales, but all of them come from 1 (one) subscription. In this case the # of First Payments is 1.

This metric gives Sellers a more detailed (and accurate) representation of the number of sales they get — how many are NEW sales and how many are RECURRING payments.

To access “My Product Stats” page:

(inside your Zaxaa account >> make sure you’re in Advanced View >> reports >>my product stats)


We have many more things in the pipeline as we continue to make Zaxaa better and better each and every day! Thank you for your continued support!

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