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What’s the easiest checkout process?

It’s asking the customer the least amount of info when he is about to purchase your offer.

Previously in Zaxaa, customer must choose whether they have an existing Zaxaa account or not before they can complete their order. Now, this might be confusing since some of them might only know the product Seller and don’t know what to choose. This typically leads to shopping cart abandonment, which means a drop in conversion to your bottom line.

Now in Zaxaa, the only thing your customer need to do is enter their email and click the “checkout” button, as can be seen below:

(if image is too small for you, click on it to enlarge)



Expect conversions to increase. So start selling via Zaxaa now.

Zaxaa can now integrate with other membership software

Since Zaxaa’s beta release in August last year, we’ve been hard at work improving the platform little by little each and every day. Consistent, small incremental improvements accrue to A LOT of improvements, enhancements, features, and most importantly stability over the past 9 months.

Today we’re excited to announce the release of ZPN (Zaxaa Payment Notification) and ZPDT (Zaxaa Payment Data Transfer).

With ZPN and ZPDT, product sellers/vendors can now integrate with third party software to manage their members area or membership site area.

You need to be a programmer or hire a programmer to do the integration though.

You can read the documentation for ZPN here:

and the documentation for ZPDT here:

Again, you need to be a programmer to understand the documentation.

If you’re just a user (seller/vendor) and not a programmer, for now just know that Zaxaa has opened up the possibility of integrating with other third party software to manage your members area or membership site area. This also means you can expect new and existing membership software to integrate with Zaxaa in the very near future.

Zaxaa is now OUT of beta and in stable mode

After 9 months in beta, we’re pleased to announce that since last Monday 20 May 2013, Zaxaa has been OUT of beta and we have entered into stable mode.

We could have ditched the beta tag a lot earlier, but we chose not to because we really want to make sure the platform is really stable.

And stable we have achieved.

Anyway, Zaxaa is still completely free to use. We haven’t decided when we’re going to start charging fees, but as stated here, we’re aiming for the platform to reach critical mass first.

And even when we do start charging later on, we still have the lowest fees in the industry at only 2.5% per transaction ($0.25 minimum). Not to mention the incredible features we have, and the relentless customer service we provide to users.

So with Zaxaa out of beta, we’re expecting more and more users to join and use the platform.

And perhaps the most important reason to use Zaxaa is that unlike our competitors:

– We do NOT email/contact YOUR customers promoting other people’s (and possibly your competitors’) products. Your customers are ONLY for you to keep.

Smart business owners know their customer list is the lifeblood and most important asset of their business and would never share it with other people, ESPECIALLY their competitors.


Anyway, go set up your products, OTOs, sales funnels, and affiliate programs inside Zaxaa now.

If you don’t have a Zaxaa account yet, you can sign up for a free one here:

If you already have a Zaxaa account, go login to your account now:

You can create unlimited products, unlimited sales funnels, unlimited OTOs, and unlimited affiliate programs. Nice.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please contact us here: